In the third ESSL tournament the Guzzlers came with all their power and were ready to play at the highest situated field in Austria at around 700 meters (2.297 feet). However, the wind that was blowing softened the power a little bit and we saw fewer homeruns on the first day. One of the highlight games was between the Guzzlers and Grizzlies - a game marked by wind and great defensive plays like a triple play from the Guzzlers and many double plays from both teams. At the end it was very close with an untypically low Slow Pitch result of 4 to 2 for the Guzzlers.

Also the other teams improved their game. The Stallions were so close to receive their first win in the league. They had runners on first and third base with no outs. But Dream Team managed to get out of the inning and won the game at the end. Exactly this team played a great tournament and achieved their best ESSL tournament ranking so far with the fourth place but really had a chance for more. The Bulldogs were a little bit unlucky and finished on 5th place. However, for some people the team is still a sleeping giant and you never know when they wake up.

This time, Los Coyotes had a tournament with ups and downs. On Sunday in the final game they had a poor start against the Guzzlers who hit some homeruns at the beginning. However, after the fourth inning they managed to silence the bats of the Guzzlers and they scored runs after runs. Unfortunately, the race to catch up was too late. At the end the Guzzlers won the the final game with 13 to 11.

Now, the teams will have a summer break until September – enough time to prepare for the last and final ESSL tournament. In this tournament the cards will be reshuffled. No matter how many games you won or lost before at that tournament the winner takes it all and will crown itself as theESSL champion 2014. This title is for eternity because everybody will remember the first champion in the ESSL history.

ESSL Championship Tournament 2014
13/14 September 2014
Linz, Austria

Final standings of 3rd ESSL tournament

1. Guzzlers
2. Los Coyotes
3. Grizzlies
4. Dream Team
5. Bulldogs
6. Stallions